New Addition

Why hello there. It’s been awhile. Life has gotten a tad crazy the last year. Jay is constantly asking when I’m going to update the blog and honestly, I was having a hard time thinking of what to write about.

I could tell you about my garden that was a semi-flop/success. I planted SO many tomatoes; they were coming out my eyeballs. I was so excited for my beans to come up. They were looking great…until we got guineas and they absolutely decimated them. Ate them down to the nub. ALL OF THEM. My melons were looking great, until one morning I went out there and gophers/mice chewed right threw the stem, stopping the growth right then and there. Those jerks. My parsley that was so hard for me to start from seed grew into a fantastic bunch and I couldn’t wait to harvest it. I then noticed that my herb garden was kind of sparse and figured out that I set the tub too close to the fence and the neighbors goats had a nice snack. I made some amazing homemade Thai Chili cucumber relish that Jay is still raving about. He was also upset that we ate the last of my homemade pickles.

My garden is twice the size of the tiny house!

We welcomed five new ducks into the flock. I have an absolute weakness for ducklings and can’t resist that adorable duck waddle. Wren is my partner in crime and helps me sneak them home.

“What’s that honey? There’s two new ducks in the pen? Oh no, those have been in there for awhile now!”

Wren with the Crested.

We remodeled the tiny house. We decided that we are at a higher need for living space than sleeping space so we knocked out Wrens downstairs bedroom (because she’s still sleeping with us) and built a couch with clothes storage underneath. Way better. We finally have a place to sit down.

We still don’t have a ladder up to the twin loft above the couch as of yet. It’s mostly our storage space (that I NEED to clean up).

And this also happened.

We welcomed a new little squish into the family!

Meet our little Scarlette.

That’s right! We are now a family of four living in a 200 square foot tiny house. Two children under the age of three. It’s been a crazy beautiful three months with her and thankfully it’s been an easier transition than what I was expecting.

I’m sure everyone would like to know how we fit another baby into an already small space. That’s easy. Babies don’t need a whole lot. A safe place to sleep (Scarlette is in her own co sleeper at night), diapers and wipes (stored under the couch) and clothes (in the stair cabinet with Wrens). We bathe her in the sink. We have an amazing bouncer that folds flat for easy storage (and is a complete lifesaver). Wren has her little basket of toys and a rolling cubby for books. Everyone is all set.

We’re enjoying life and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year.

Sorry for being MIA, I promise I’ll do better keeping this blog updated!

~ Christiana

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