Why, Hello There!

It’s now October 17th and I’m sure many (probably all) of you are wondering when the tiny house tour is going to happen. 


Let’s start out downstairs.

Right when you walk in, you are in our kitchen. Beautiful blue green cabinets, farmhouse sink, white subway tile. 

It’s so full of light.

Plumbing is still in the works, but soon we will have running water.

My range may only be 21 inches, but it has 4 burners, a broiler and an oven that I can fit a full size roasting pan in. 

That means I can roast a whole turkey!

Pretty spacious, huh?

Our bathroom boasts a shower, sink and toilet, with plenty of room for storage. 

Our toilet cabinet also has a pull out step for little ones.

I’ll be writing about how we use our composting toilet in a future post.

Our living room.

Wren’s handy little fold down desk that utilizes the fender cover as a bench.

Plenty of storage in our stairs! The bottom step makes a nice seat too. I’ll have to sew a cushion for it soon.

Wren’s room has a custom Murphy bed built by her great grandpa and her daddy.

I sewed her some custom (kitty!) sheets to fit her bed. 

When her bed is up, she has plenty of room to read and play.

On the way upstairs, you can see my bookshelf. 

It was a great way to use some empty space!

Opposite the master loft and above Wren’s room is our guest loft.

A king size bed fits upstairs! 

Justin also custom made our sconces using mason jars and a metal punch. 

We can also fit Willie’s bed at the foot of ours. 

We need to find some baskets to put our clothes in, otherwise the cats use our clothes as a comfy bed. Can you spot Tikka?

There you go! What do you think? Any questions? 

We still have plumbing for the sinks to run, propane to install for the range and some shelves to install in the kitchen but a huge change since you last saw it!

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Why, Hello There!

  1. Wow! Your home is so beautiful! I am really in love with your kitchen, those kitchen cabinets with the subway tile and the blackened wood look gorgeous! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog, we are so excited to be on this tiny house journey. I can’t wait to read more of yours and hear about your story. Have you guys already moved in! It really looks great 🙂


  2. I love so much about your tiny house! And have lotsa questions. I homeschool my children and would love the desk style you have for Wren. How is it held up? I don’t see hinges or a leg.

    Finally someone to ask about kiddie beds! And I have a ton if questions of course 😋. The murphy bed is a grand idea. Is the bed a toddler size, if so did you leave enough room to size up to a twin? How much space across the width of your house does it take up. Where do chair, toys and clothing go when the bed is down? So many more questions, but my phone has a way of cutting of pages while I type, so I best stop here. Thanks! And again I love your place!


    1. Hi Umma! Thank you so much for your questions! Wrens desk is held up by a leg that is stored in the cabinet directly next to the desk. Whenever we use it, we just pop the leg into the cavity on the underneath of the desk. It holds up the desk semi-decent, until a stray leg knocks it out 😑 its on our list of things to fix; I’m thinking of a hinge style leg that I can fold down when not in use. Other than that, it works great! Wrens mattress size is a youth. Originally we were going to use a twin size, which fit in there, but was too heavy for me to lift up multiple times a day. The youth size was a lot lighter and ended up working perfectly. It takes up about 6-7 feet mattress and bed frame included. We recently bought a shelving system from Ikea that fits in the corner opposite from the door. That is where we keep her spare blankets, her clothes and her books. Her chair is kept in the “living room” right next to the stairs. As for toys, that is the never ending dilemma 😁 Nothing makes a space feel more cluttered than a ton of toys! Now imagine that in a tiny house! I’m constantly eliminating old, broken and unused toys. We also rotate out her toys so she always has “new ones” to play with. I try to keep most of her toys out of her room (it causes to much of a distraction while trying to put down for a nap) so Wren has a cubby in the stairs for toys as well as a small box of blocks and a princess castle she’s been pretty into lately in the living room.

      Your questions were awesome! Thanks so much for checking out our tiny house!! ❤


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