Moving Downstairs


Post condo, pre tiny house. Staying at the in-laws while we build.

I remember reading somewhere that if you were entertaining the idea of going tiny, it would be a smart idea to try to slowly consolidate your living quarters into a smaller space, which meant essentially for us, moving downstairs.

We lived in a condominium before going tiny. It was set up with the kitchen, living room, one bedroom and one bathroom downstairs and one bedroom and one bathroom connected to a small loft space upstairs.


When our daughter was first born, her bedroom was downstairs and J and I were upstairs. But once we figured that tiny house was the direction that we were going to take, we figured it’d be best to try to live “smaller” and move into W’s room.

After that, the 2nd story was deemed ‘off-limits’ and the only time I went up there was to organize my garage sale pile and feed one of the cats.


Even with the downsizing we did, it still feels like we have too much stuff.

That was one year ago and I can tell you that I haven’t felt the urge to move back up there since. Now, obviously, the tiny home is going to be considerably smaller than our downstairs, like smaller than our living room small, but everything takes time. The adventure of having something worthwhile is never smooth and straight and our tiny house is definitely worthwhile.


Sleeping quarters of two adults, one toddler, two cats and one dog. We make it work!

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