Designing Our Tiny House Plans




Planning a tiny home layout ain’t for the faint of heart, man.

For over a year, J and I have been tossing tiny house ideas back and forth. We’ve discussed everything from how to maximize our storage space to what happens if we have another baby. You literally have to think of EVERYTHING.

Some ideas we tucked away for later and others were instantly trashed. We’ve even thrown out ideas that we had previously liked but later realized were not doable.

A year ago, I could have said, “Nah, I’ll just think about that later.”

Well, that time has come.

It’s time to get serious.

Planning a home design with your significant other is very trying. Nothing puts your marriage to the test as much as trying to convince your husband that you really, REALLY need a Dutch door when deep down you know it’s not in the budget  (we compromised and decided to get one later on down the line).


I want to clarify that when we were designing the tiny house, we went through handfuls of ideas. We even played around with the idea of purchasing plans from other tiny home builders, but in the end, we decided to draw our own because it  allowed us to create the perfect space for our family.

Now for the fun part.

With our 24′ trailer, we were able to design our home with three sleeping spaces. W is still in bed with us, but once she’s ready to sleep on her own, we wanted her to have her own bedroom. Therefore, we will have our master loft upstairs, a bedroom big enough to fit a twin murphy bed downstairs and right above that, a twin sized loft. Our goal for W’s room is to have the murphy bed so when Mama needs some quiet time…I mean, when W wants to play, I can easily return her bed to the wall and she has the entire floor to play.

The first level will also house the living area, kitchen and bathroom.

I love to bake, so it was important to design a kitchen that had adequate counter space, plus an oven. Eventually we hope to acquire a washer/dryer combo, which will be housed in the kitchen.


J lucked out and snagged a 9 foot piece of Quartz countertop from our neighbor for a steal ($50!) and that, along with a piece of butcherblock, will complete our countertops. The piece of butcherblock will also function as our cutting board and our dining area. Just pop a few stools around and call it good!

The bathroom will be itty bitty but in such a small space, we have plans to install a shower (babies will be bathed sink style), a compost toilet and sink. And let me tell you, our sink is adorably itty bitty. Thank you IKEA!

Barn doors will be used for the bathroom and W’s room. They will be perfect for getting some privacy without the added space a standard door takes up. For W’s door, rungs will be installed on the outside for easy access to the loft above and the bathroom door will be painted with chalkboard paint to allow little ones drawing space and Mama can also write grocery lists.

And as much as I’d like to say that we’re set on the design, you never will know how things turn out during the building process until you’re doing them. Be prepared for change!

Let me tell you, designing sure makes a gal tired!

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