Trailer Day! 

This morning we got the call that we’ve been patiently waiting the last 8 weeks for. Our trailer was ready!

With W in her car seat and Willie beside her, we hit the road. 

When we arrived at the dealership, J spotted our trailer straightaway. It was sitting so purty, just waiting to be taken home. 

Only a few signatures were needed and we were all set to go. We decided to order 4 stabilizer jacks before we left. They’ll be used in the four corners of the tiny home to help (you guessed it!) stabilize our tiny home once completed. We’ll be picking those up in a few weeks. 

J did fantastic as ever driving home. He’s had a lot of practice towing trailers and boats in the past, so towing our trailer was no big deal. He did mention though that it was the biggest one he’s towed yet!

Let the building commence!

Willie the Road Dog.

Until next time.


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