57.397357 Million Can Lights & A Bloody Forehead

Let me just start off with this. We don’t have 57.397357 million can lights; it just feels that way, especially in such a small space. 

On the last count, I counted 16 can light boxes. I’ll spare you the detailed locations but we sure won’t be in any more need of light!

For awhile, the entire house was a mess of wires coming out in weird places. No place for a toddler! 

In the master loft, we decided to put in a wall sconce on either side of the bed. I’m an avid reader and that light will sure be welcome! 

As for the bloody forehead, J had a ding dong moment and threw an electrical box up into one of the lofts, but instead of reaching its target, it rebounded off a stud and instead hit this stud. 

After all the wires were ran, J prepped them for the switches and outlets that will be installed later. 

Next, everything was plumbed. In this picture, you see the kitchen and bathroom. All the plumbing is connected to the hot water heater just on the other side of the wall. 

Look at how cute it is! 

Speaking of cute, look at that adorable toddler. She’s knocking at the door to be let out! 

We also had our air-conditioner guy come out a few days ago to run the lines before the walls were put up. 

It’s so tiny! 

J sprayed insulation where all the wires and pipes went through studs to insure that when we move the tiny house, nothing gets rubbed. 

He also blocked where the T.V. will be going. He’ll be mounting it on the wall  so he wanted to make sure it will be nice and secure. 

Well, there ya go! Everything in preperation for insulation and siding! 


I didn’t forget about Exterior Part 2! That’s still a work in progress! 😄



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