Framing The Tiny House

Saturday morning started bright and early. J’s dad came out both Saturday and Sunday to help frame the tiny house. 

Chalk lines where snapped and windows and door locations were laid out. 

When a toddler supervises the job site, you get a lot of requests for juice refills and summons to play with bubbles. 

Walls are put up. Very carefully. 

Once all the walls are up and secure, the day was just about done and was picked up again on Sunday. 

With the dawn of Sunday comes the rise of the roof.

And the plywood for the roof. 

In the span of 2 days, J and his dad, along with the help of J’s stepdad and brother completed framing the walls, putting in Wren’s bedroom, twin loft and the master loft and framing and sheeting the roof. 

The bathroom will be framed this week because we ran out of material. 

This upcoming week brings siding and windows being installed. Stay tuned!


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